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About Us

Nantong sirui engineering co., LTD, Specializing in the production of leather machinery, is one of the world famous large leather machinery manufacturers.

  The products of the company

  The company dedicated to the production of leather machinery, sales and service. Under centralized in light industrial machinery industry, export commodity code HS: 84531000. 125 specifications, products cover 7 categories of leather machinery, the right brand, for the main products are:

  1. Vacuum drying machine using the negative pressure condition, the boiling point of water to reduce the principle to dry leather, leather, heating a lot of moisture in the evaporation and discharge by the vacuum pump suction. Among them, the low temperature vacuum drying machine to start leather dry at low temperature, significantly improve the quality of the leather. Account for 90% of the total sales of the national class models. Fill the domestic blank, patent number: [200520070464.6]. An important part of the machine, special oil-water separator is applying for patent. Product categories: laboratory, reciprocating type, high temperature more table vertical type, low temperature type bedplate more vertical type.

  2. Soft machine is divided into dry oscillations (processing for dry skin, without special emphasis on said staking machine or dry for short oscillations) and wet oscillation (used in the processing of wet skin, or called wet stretching machine) through the eccentric crankshaft, vertical oscillation, soft tooth from the plate orifice plate through the organization of leather, make leather organization even, soften the skin area increases. Four row (head) oscillating staking machine in our factory in 2003 was born, to fill the domestic blank. This machine is suitable for processing a wide or the whole piece of leather (shoe upper leather, furniture leather, car seat leather)。 The patent number ZL200520075074.8.

  On this basis, the latest model of automatic adjustment model C also won the majority of customers favorite.

  3. The machine through type high pressure hydraulic drive to roll, crush out the moisture in the skin, classic configuration, durable.

  4. Through the roller pressure flower machine through the machine on the heating of the surface of the mirror roller or decorative pattern roller leather leather processing. Flat light, embossing clear last. Product categories: no pressure type iron light, intermittent type iron, low pressure (press) iron light, medium voltage type iron flower of light pressure, high pressure type iron light pressure.

  5. Through type hydraulic hydraulic knife roller to meat machine by removing redundant adipose tissue in the skin. For improvement of products, performance is better. The machine is under patent application number 200510122772.3 (invented), application number 200520078195.8 (utility model)。

  6. Automatic stacker crane: instead of manual operation, to achieve a variety of alternative ways of code. Provincial labor, high efficiency.

  7. Conveyor: between two leather machine, to replace the traditional block artificial transmission, to realize the seamless connection between machines and conveyor, provincial labor, high efficiency.

  8. The integration solution: squeeze water stretching machine (dyed leather), conveyor, vibration staking machine, automatic stacking machine, conveyor, vacuum drying machine. To no one chemical plant

  Following the development trend, the company proactive thinking of development of China leather machinery. Continuously strengthen the scientific research investment and technological innovation, priority to environmental friendly and resource saving and efficient automation direction. In the pursuit of excellence, excellence, the company of the right brand, has become the domestic well-known brand, and enjoys a good reputation overseas.